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Artistic Director

Yin Yue is internationally recognized as a versatile performer and choreographer. Born and raised in Shanghai, China, she trained rigorously, in both technically demanding and highly-structured, Chinese classical dance, folk dance, and classical ballet technique at Shanghai Dance School. She earned her undergraduate degree at Shanghai Normal University, equipping her with performance credits that spanned festivals and showcases throughout China. After further pursuing her MFA in dance from NYU's Tisch School of The Arts in 2008, Yin quickly gained recognition as a unique and exceptional talent among her peers. Yin created an innovative contemporary dance technique, called FoCo Technique, that soon caught the attention of the dance industry and is now taught by Yin Yue around the world from China to Brazil, Germany and Canada

The company

YY Dance Company is an ensemble composed of freelance dance artists, who collaborate with Yin in creating and performing choreographic works on national and international performance platforms. The company boasts touring credits in China and Germany, presenting works at various international dance festivals, namely Schrit_tmacher Festival 2016, 2018 and 2019. YY Dance Company aims to explore Yue’s unique movement vocabulary inspired by Chinese classical and folk dance elements, combined with contemporary dance technique to form FoCo Technique, or Folk Contemporary. The vision for YYDC is to incorporate this signature movement style into all her works while working parallel to maintain the development of her FoCo Technique trajectory in order for it to expand into a well known fundamental training tool that advances dancer’s skills set and deepens their understanding of a mindful physical practice.


Title: Citizen II (work in progress)

Choreographer: Yin Yue

Performers: Yin Yue, Grace Whitworth, Kristalyn Gill, Hayley Ader

Music: Michel Banabila (commissioned composer for the new work), Peter Gregson, Shifted

Program: A sequel to the 2019 European premiere, Citizen, the motif presented in the showcase will be further developed into an evening length new work to be premiered in 2020 in NYC. The dance creates an opportunity to look into the world from juxtaposition perspectives which blurs perception of reality and fantasy, mixes the two drastically opposite associations to things and events to show the world of paradox that love and hate, war and peace, life and death are never too far from each other. This new work focuses on the narrative and characters of the people and how we perceive and interpret the world where citizenship means so much and demands so much and manipulates people into a sense of both isolation and belonging.

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Title: Vanishing Point (2017)

Choreographer: Yin Yue

Music: Emptyset, From The Mouth of The Sun, Gabriel Faure, “Radio Sky” by Michel Banabila

Costume: Yin Yue

Number of Performers: 5

Running Time: 35 mins

Yin Yue abstracts the concept of vanishing point in perspective drawing by placing this 2 dimensional concept into a 3D space on stage. The work plays up space harmony and depth perception between the dancers within the space. Vanishing Point was created with the support of 92Y Harkness Dance Center’s Artist in Residence. 


Title: Citizen (2019)

Choreographer: Yin Yue

Original Music: Juliane Jones and Doug Beiden

Costume: Barbara Erin Delo

Number of Performers: 6

Running Time: 30 mins


Citizen is an ensemble piece performed by the full company of YYDC dancers. It's dynamic and expressive movement, together with driven original musical scoring, explores the intensity of the times we are living now, the challenges we face together and the political environment that surrounds and influences us. The dancers and their movements celebrate our common sense of hope and determination. 

Stones and Kisses (2019)


Choreography: Yin Yue

Original Music: Juliane Jones and Doug Beiden

Lighting: Christopher Chambers

Costume: Barbara Erin Delo

Number of performers: 5

Length: 25 min


Stones and Kisses is inspired by the work of scientist and philosopher Carlo Rovelli, who has described our world as made of "Stones" (permanent, eternal) and "Kisses" (momentary, interactive). In the world of Stones and Kisses, were we to live a billion years, we would witness a stone as a momentary aggregation of sand. However, as our time is limited, we experience time based on our momentary interactions - like a kiss or a live performance. In Stones and Kisses, the dancers move through four seasons to illustrate how we experience times's passage through change and interaction.

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